Monday, 19 October 2015

Some romanization changes in Ozanari Dungeon compared to JAnimeS

As you may know there are many ways to spell names and such written in Japanese when writing them with the alphabet. And we have chosen somewhat differently than the previous people translating Ozanari Dungeon.
I should have posted this long ago, but here it is for the 2 readers who actually read this blog: a list of some changes in names and terms.

This list is probably never going to be entirely complete, but I'll try to update it to add more names and locations etc. as our scanlation goes on/I become aware of how they were spelled out in the previous chapters. If there's something you feel is missing feel free to comment.

  • Moka → Mocha
  • Blueman → Buruman (Blue Manjaro)
  • Kirinman, Kilieman → Kiliman (Killie Mountain)
  • Falko → Falco
  • Basuta Kiton → Buster Keaton
  • Dr. Moro → Dr. Morow 
  • Grenda XX → Granda no. XX
  • Toso bird → Towsow bird
  • Bon Dizel → Born Diesel
  • Jio-Sawarusu → Geo Saurus
  • Ghondowana → Gondwana
  • Tsuka → Karensi
Worthy of note is that Mocha is spelled precisely Mocha because of Caffe Mocha, and that Blue Mountain and Kilimanjaro (what you get if you combine the full names of Buruman and Kiliman) are famous coffee blends in Japan.

Another thing worthy of note is that "Tsuka" (written ツーカ in the comic but normally written 通過) literally means "Currency" in Japanese.

Buster Keaton is most likely a reference to THE Buster Keaton. Dr. Morow is a reference to "The Island of Dr. Moreau".

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